King Verd

The omened king of Ish


King of Dunnish and Ollish, Verd is a vigorous and intelligent leader in the prime of his life. The kings of Ish seem to labor under a curse, as it is very rare for a particular family to number more than two rulers before disaster or rebellion destroys their dynasty. Verd’s father, Potor, was a wardlord from the Bluejay clan, who achieved his throne after banding a dozen clans together for an attack on the fort of the then-reigning king. Potor was an effective, if violent, king, and many of the people of Dunnish and Ollish are relieved to have the more even-tempered Verd on the throne.

Verd has the loyalty of most of his thanes, and is supported by his people because of the promises he has made. For nearly a decade Verd has been preparing for a war with Mallon. His people support the action, seeing in Verd the potential for a strong, unified Ish, as well as the plunder and glory that comes along with winning a war. Additionally, Verd has made public the prophecies of his advisor, the Voice of Wind. Should Verd unite Kinnish, Ollish, and Dunnish under the banner of the Kingdom of Ish, nothing can stop him from becoming king of all Wyl Fen.

Whether or not Verd actually believes these prophecies is a mystery, though he does seem to trust The Voice of Wind implicitly. A squat, handsome man of just over thirty, Verd is not himself a great warrior, but makes up for it in other ways. He is an intense man known for his bursts of unguarded emotion, but despite his passionate nature he is also known for being a thorough planner and a clear thinker. He wears no crown, having vowed long ago that he would only wear the circlet of a united Ish, and instead wears a fur-trimmed red cloak as his royal identifier.


King Verd

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