King Ermin I

Aged hero king of Mallon


Ermin was a peasant born to the Halflinger Clan in the county of Mallon. He put his impressive thurse stature to good use as a farm hand in his youth, and by the age of 17 had also learned the basics of fighting and raiding. After the first army of King Rogal II were destroyed by the dragon Agamar, Ermin was recruited as a foot soldier, and later rose to the rank of housecarl. After fighting for King Rogal for three years, and losing most of his friends and compatriots in the process, Ermin went to his lord and requested permission to go on a quest. The dragon could not be defeated while it was under the open sky, so a small group of men would need to corner the beast in its lair. He would travel to the five counties of Wyl Fen, and gather the greatest warriors he could find. Then he would bring them back and face the dragon. Rogal, distraught at the deaths of his sons at the claws of the dragon, agreed carelessly.

It took Ermin a year and a day, but he gathered together twenty of Wyl Fen’s greatest warriors. Some joined with him out of duty to protect the land, some out of greed for the dragon’s hoarde, some out of pride for the glory of the act. Many had to be persuaded by the emphatic and earnest Ermin. Once they were gathered, Ermin commissioned twenty-one solid steel shields, and acquired boar spears, hooked nets, stout swords, and other tools with which to catch the dragon. WHen they were complete, Ermin and his twenty companions scaled the Tall Brothers and faced Agamar in his cave.

Of the twenty one, only Ermin and four of his companions returned. The returned to Mallon as heroes, and King Rogal made Ermin his house champion on the spot. The king lived for only a year longer, and when he died, his daughter, Meadra, asked Ermin to marry her, so that he might become king and further serve the land and its people. The thanes unanimously supported this move, and Ermin became the king of Mallon.

Ermin was a good king – patient, decisive, and open to the advice of his wife and court. Queen Maedra only lived another ten years before she died of fever. Shortly after her death, a crisis in neighboring Ish

King Ermin I

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