The proud goddess of life and death


Mogwain (also called the “Raven Queen”) is a stern mother goddess of life and death. She oversees the birth of every person, and jealously collects their souls upon their death. She is a proud and greedy goddess – she can be flattered but never bribed – and is one of the three main gods worshipped by the humans of Wyl Fen.

Mogwain is portrayed as a tall woman, sometimes old, sometimes young, with long black or white hair. She always wears a cloak of black feathers, the condition of which can indicate her mood or an omen of the future. A clean, shining cloak can represent a placid, maternal mood, or an omen of success, while a ragged, patched cloak can indicate a temperamental mood, or an omen of war.

She is often invoked at births, weddings, and funerals, as her cyclical nature gives her providence over many aspects of human life. Towns often have a small shrine or temple dedicated to Mogwain, with at least one priest to tend to it. Villages have at least a monk or a midwife that are dedicated to the goddess.



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