Wyl Fen is an island off the southeastern coast of the Piafar mainland. Inhabited by close-knit clans of extended families, the island enjoys freedom and disunity thanks to its relative isolation and unimportance. Nine lords oversee a gaggle of petty kingdoms that squabble endlessly with each other, preventing the island from forming any sort of unified power.

Between the quaint villages and small farms that dot the landscape, wild animals, monsters, bored fey, and restless gods lurk. As the politics of violence drive the clans to kills and steal from each other, the creatures of Wyl Fen run rampant, falling upon isolated houses, dooming lost travelers, and and scattering forces arrayed against them. As the thanes vie for power and the people look for relief, a canny hero might make a name for himself with the endless array of opportunities.

King for a Day

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